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HUGO SELLES is a Spanish pianist, composer and producer born in Santander in 1988.

Hugo’s diverse artistic interests are clearly reflected in the great variety of his musical endeavours. Member of many different ensembles and projects, including music for solo piano, chamber music groups and other formations, embracing various styles and periods.

As a pianist and chamber musician, Hugo has received awards in several competitions in Europe, and has performed in concert halls and festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Serbia, Singapore, United States and Australia.

As a composer and producer, Hugo explores diverse musical genres in his work.

In addition to music, Hugo is passionate about wildlife and the environment.

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know the music of a very wide variety of musicians and composers over the twenty plus years that I’ve been writing reviews, but one who really stands out is Spanish pianist and composer Hugo Selles."

- Kathy Parsons. Mainly Piano

hugo selles_pablo lopez y miriam mora_baja res_008.jpg
hugo selles_pablo lopez y miriam mora_baja res_011.jpg

'Three Portraits' is the first of Hugo's classical albums that I've reviewed,
and it is nothing short of jaw-dropping!

***** Review of Three Portraits at Mainly Piano

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