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"An exciting and versatile pianist with strong artistic personality, intensity and brilliant technique"

- Niklas Sivelöv. Pianist , composer and professor

"Having had the pleasure to hear Hugo both live as well as through the recordings of his various projects I can say that it is refreshing to see music being made in an interesting, experimental and exciting new way."

- Marius Budu. Visual artist and photographer

"I have had the pleasure of getting to know the music of a very wide variety of musicians and composers over the twenty plus years that I’ve been writing reviews, but one who really stands out is Spanish pianist and composer Hugo Selles."

- Kathy Parsons. Mainly Piano

HUGO SELLES is a Spanish pianist, composer and producer born in Santander in 1988.

Hugo’s diverse artistic interests are clearly reflected in the great variety of his musical endeavours. Member of many different ensembles and projects, including music for solo piano, chamber music groups and other formations, embracing various styles and periods. 

As a pianist and chamber musician, Hugo has received awards in several competitions in Europe, and has performed in concert halls and festivals in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Singapore, Serbia and Australia. As a composer and producer, Hugo explores diverse musical genres in his work.


In addition to music, Hugo is passionate about wildlife and the environment.

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Some of Hugo's most remarkable projects throughout the years are:

PSYCHIC EQUALIZER is a multi-genre band formed by musicians of different nationalities and musical backgrounds. It began as a solo project, mostly in the electronic ambient music field with elements of jazz and classical piano. In recent years, Psychic Equalizer evolved towards a progressive rock sound, and expanded to include guitarist Carlos Barragán (Colombia), keyboardist Adrian Ubiaga (Spain) and singer and multi-instrumentalist India Hooi (Australia).

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DUO OTERO is one of the main active classical chamber music groups in Spain at the moment. Founded by cellist Miguel Diez and pianist Hugo Selles as a permanent hommage to composer and professor Emilio Otero. 

YouTube Channel

Hugo Selles is also a very active pianist who usually performs in different kinds of setups: classical piano soloist, chamber music and other ensembles; as well as collaborations with theatre and dance.

- Indigo. Jazz and comedy duo.

- Glerskáldskapur. Live poetry and minimal and neo-classical piano music.

Duo Moya/Selles. Classical sax and piano repertoire.

Novecento. Musical accompaniment to the theatre play by Alessandro Baricco.

Alberto Pineda Dance Company. Ongoing collaboration with contemporary dance company.

- SEIT Quartet. Quartet for two pianos and percussion, specialised in repertoire post 1950.



Interview (in Spanish) with Mariskal Rock talking about Psychic Equalizer's latest release and the upcoming concerts.