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Online piano classes

  • The time of the lesson will be scheduled depending on the student location and the availability of the teacher. 

  • Teaching follows the official academic calendar and depends on the availability of the teacher and the student.

  • From age 10. Any level. Classical piano, jazz, minimal and pop-rock. Learn how to play your favourite music, how to arrange music for piano, the basics about piano technique and music theory.

  • The lessons are 45 minutes long.

  • All learning materials, calendar and invoices will be accesible via Google Drive.

  • The student must have a good internet connection, camera and microphone. Not necessarily hi-fi hardware, as long as the lesson can be carried out without any major issues. To be sure everything is working, a test of 10 minutes will be done prior booking or paying any package.

  • The student has the right to make up a class, unless it is cancelled less than 24 hours in advance (except, obviously, for serious medical reasons). The lesson must be booked within 1 months time. After this time, a refund will not be made.

  • If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, it will always be re-scheduled within a months time. In the unlikely event of the impossibility of having a class, a refund will be made.

  • Lessons already paid/reserved must take place within 2 months from the day of start.

  • If available, the student is welcome to join in-person group lessons and students concerts - bear in mind those are considered as a normal lesson day.

  • Lessons are to be paid in advance. The teacher holds the right to not teach a class if it has not been paid.

  • Prices are not negotiable. No discounts are to be made, apart from those already offered by the teacher.

Price per four lessons


Price per eight lessons


Online harmony classes

  • This teaching is not offered in English at the moment.

Price per four lessons


Price per eight lessons


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